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    폰트소개 & 사용범위

    Free for personal use

    Purchase the License for Commercial Use:

    About this font:

    Not your average Cursive font, Shorelines can behave like a girl's handwriting then shreds like a boss over the sea waves! Whether you're a photographer who wants that signature text on your images, or a blogger, maybe a Pro-Surfer? Shorelines Script will cater all your cursive dreams. The imbalanced heights and spacing will give your work a natural and handwritten look.

    Note: Try combining the Uppercase and Lowercase characters to form a unique look of a word. Also, the swashes and extras are found in some of the Punctuation Marks of the brush and script fonts.

    Try typing: (ShorelinEs)

    <폰트배포의 건>

    소프트다운타운에서는 재배포가 허용된 무료 폰트에 한정하여 배포하고 있습니다.

    본 페이지에서 제공하는 폰트 사용 범위, 저작권 정보는 최신 정보가 아닐 수 있습니다.

    폰트와 관련된 자세한 사항 및 상업적 사용에 대한 상세 정보는 개발자에 직접 문의하시길 바랍니다.

    자동설치형 폰트(EXE)는 다운로드 후 해당 파일을 실행하시면 자동 설치됩니다.

    Windows XP는 수동설치 폰트는 다운로드 후 “시작버튼 > 제어판 > 모양 및 개인설정 > 글꼴”에 다운로드 받은 폰트파일을 넣습니다.

    Windows 7에서는 폰트파일을 더블클릭 또는 우클릭 후 설치 메뉴를 선택합니다.


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