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    그래픽 SFTP 및 FTP클라이언트 프로그램

    소프트웨어 소개

    언어 : 영어 | 크기 : 5MB

    로컬 컴퓨터와 원격 컴퓨터 간의 파일 복사가 가능한 프로그램입니다.


    v5.7 (2015.02.20.)

    * MD5: 4cd7ca81846150aae42c374dd83fc3d8

    * SHA1: b43cca28ea40c768a27364c53db0115b815d873c

    * Installation package

    * Includes translations:

    - Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian,

    Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Swedish,


    * In addition to installing application executable file,

    it can install public key tools (Pageant, PuTTYgen) and

    create start menu items, desktop icons etc.

    * Also includes Windows shell extension for direct drag&drop downloads and

    console interface tool for running scripts from command-line

    * For more details see


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